Proficiency Certificate in Finance Management

Online PCPFM

IMT CDL’s  Short Duration Certificate Programme in Financial Management provides the understanding of varied topics in the area of finance. The participants will develop basic understanding of financial markets and services. Indian financial service sector is one of the fastest growing sectors and offers plethora of opportunities to finance professionals.

The curriculum encompasses the investment analysis and management and delve into art and science of stock and derivatives investment. As a finance professional, it is not only important to know the market but also to make a thorough investigation of business risk, return and its valuation. The course on Financial Analysis and Business Valuation makes the programme valuable by elaborating on factors affecting the business valuation and approaches to value a stock/business. The holistic coverage of important financial concepts will be valuable for professionals who are willing to advance their career in finance area. The programme will also be helpful for individuals who want to apply financial skill to generate alternate income stream and accumulate financial wealth.

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6 Months

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IMT CDL’s Online & Distance Learning degrees are widely accepted by governments, corporate organisations, and higher education institutions for jobs, higher education, and future prospects.

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Program Overview

Our PCPFM programme will prepare you to become an effective leader in a modern world that keeps changing.

Course Curriculum

  • Understand the financial markets and services
  • Analyse the securities and manage derivatives investments
  • Analyse financial statements
  • Apply business valuation approaches

Elementary Course: Financial Management

Applicable for candidates applying under the eligibility criteria D

  • Management of Financial Services
  • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • Financial Analysis & Business Valuation
  • Financial Risk Management


  • IMT CDL evaluation system has two components: Assignment (30 marks) and End Term Examination (70 marks). The student has to submit the assignments during the semester while examinations will be held at the end of semester.
  • The examination will be held at designated centres.
  • The End-Term Examination (ETE) is held at the end of every semester.
  • Components of ETE: The following components will comprise the ETE for each course: – Analytical and conceptual comprehension through multiple choice questions. – Case or problem-solving exercises.
  • Assignments are a very important aspect of the assessment system and an excellent tool for continuous evaluation. Two Assignments are conducted during the semester for each course. The assignments get activated in the student information system during the semester as per announced timelines. Students have to mandatorily submit their assignments before the commencement of the End-Term Examination.
  • Weightage: Assignment (30 marks) and End Term Examination (70 marks)
  • To be declared as ‘Pass’ in a course a student should secure 40% marks in aggregate (Assignments and ETE combined) with minimum 25 marks in ETE.
  • Student has to attempt two assignments of 15 marks each for each course. No minimum marks are to be secured in assignment to be declared as ‘Pass’ in a course.
  • Project is to be submitted by the student in final semester in Two Year PGDM and 15 months PGDM (Executive) programme. The student should secure minimum 40% marks in Project Work in order to be declared as ‘Pass’.
  • In PGCM programme, student has to appear for comprehensive Viva Voce in the final semester. The student should secure minimum 40% marks in Viva Voce in order to be declared as ‘Pass’.
Career Prospects

Corporate Finance Analyst | Public Accountant | Financial Advisor | Portfolio Manager | Investment Banker | Risk Manager  & many more ...

360° learning experience

With the learning-scape moving online, we have created a holistic learning ecosystem that enables students to experience learning through meaningful, engaging, and diverse ways

Massive Online Open Courses

This is done through a platform that facilitates hosting of all the courses, taught in classrooms from Class 9 till post-graduation to be accessed by anyone, anywhere at any time. All the courses are interactive, prepared by the best teachers in the country and are available, free of cost to any learner. More than 1,000 specially chosen faculty and teachers from across the country have participated in preparing these courses.

The courses hosted on SWAYAM are in 4 quadrants – (1) video lecture, (2) specially prepared reading material that can be downloaded/printed (3) self-assessment tests through tests and quizzes and (4) an online discussion forum for clearing the doubts. Steps have been taken to enrich the learning experience by using audio-video and multi-media and state of the art pedagogy / technology.

Courses delivered through SWAYAM are available free of cost to the learners, however learners wanting a SWAYAM certificate should register for the final proctored exams that come at a fee and attend in-person at designated centres on specified dates. 

Learning Management System 

IMT Centre for Distance Learning (IMT CDL), Ghaziabad is the most apt answer to meet the management education requirements of those who wish to pursue quality management education without taking a break in career. IMT CDL enables the learners to experience world class management education with the required ease and flexibility and without the need to remain away from work. The wish of students to continue their respective careers while pursuing a premium management programme is answered by “EduGenie”.

EduGenie is a powerful Technology based Learning Environment which offers most Learning activities and resources. The EduGenie Learning Environment integrates cutting edge learning technologies, world class learning resources and power of a globally respected Learning Platform. EduGenie gets busy working executives to access highly interactive learning courseware, participate in enjoyable learning activities, watch insightful Leaning videos, practice mock tests, and collaborate with peers on the Go and 24X7. Armed with just an internet connection and a device, busy executives can use EduGenie to connect themselves with perhaps one of the most engaging and enjoyable learning environment in the country. The key components of the EduGenie Learning Environment are as follows:

  •  A Globally Renowned Learning Management System: Now IMT students get to study and collaborate on a Learning Management System that’s used by students of 73% of the Top 200 Universities in the world. It is one of the world’s most comprehensive education technology platforms and supports diverse range of teaching and learning tools.
  • Interactive Learning Material Authored by some of the world’s Best Known Experts: Working executives can access highly interactive learning courseware, participate in enjoyable learning activities, watch insightful Leaning videos and practice mock tests developed by some the world’s best known authors. This also on the Go and 24X7.

Online Learning Sessions (OLS)

IMT CDL enable learners to experience world class management education with the required ease. IMT CDL uses award-winning web conferencing solutions for eLearning, web meetings, and webinars that delivers the richest user experience to help eLearning be more productive—online and on mobile devices.

Such online classes can be attended from any place across the globe using a reasonably good internet connection. It includes various display panels (pods) and components to make learning more effective. The online classroom lets attendees/students share computer screens or files, chat, broadcast audio, and video, and participate in interactive online activities.

IMT CDL also conducts OFFLINE classes (Traditional Classroom Learning). In a traditional classroom, students can directly share their views and clarify their queries with the teacher, thus getting their questions answered right away.

Applied Case Studies and SLM

Our Applied Case Studies provide rich basis for developing problem solving and decision making skills in a real work environment. We bring our faculty together with the stakeholders and offer enterprises to co-develop applied case studies. It increases student’s ability to synthesize, evaluate and apply concepts learned.

Self-Learning Material (SLM) is developed with the approach of self-explanatory, self-contained, self-directed, self-motivating, and self-evaluating learning material.The content of the SLM is prepared in learner-friendly language embellished with real-life examples, diagrams, tables, and figures to augment the learning for a distance learner.

The SLM content is divided into sections and sub-sections which are followed by self-assessment questions for effective learning. This encourages the learner to apply new knowledge and skills. The SLM is a good read for learners as it provides the requisite knowledge to build different areas of management. Each unit also provides references and additional readings which help satisfy any inquisitiveness of learners. The SLM provides varied dimensions to the learners to enrich their understanding of subject matter comprehensively and successfully attain competency.

Student Support Services & SIS

The Student Support Services help students to clarify any concern or queries related to Admissions, Academics, Examinations, Books, Fee, Online Classes, Transportation, Student Information System (SIS), EduGenie (LMS), Transcripts, Diploma Certificate etc. SCS has following advantages:

  • Faster resolution time of queries
  • Clearly Defined Grievances Escalation Process
  • Multiple ways to raise a query –Through Phone, e-Mail, Student Login in SIS and by Visiting our Campus Office at Ghaziabad.

Student Information System (SIS) is a platform which provides complete information solution to our students. In Distance Education the receipt of correct and timely information is of paramount importance. SIS is one-stop solution for all the information needs of IMT CDL’s learners. All the information related to Projects, Assignments, Examinations, Marksheets, Academic & Fee Record etc. is systematically available at SIS which can be accessed by the students by applying user specific login details.

Learn, Engage, Apply & Develop

Best Management Programs are designed to prepare students to be tomorrow’s Business Leaders. LEAD which stands for Learn, Engage, Apply and Develop, it is a great way to prepare students to be tomorrow’s business leaders. LEAD is IMT CDL’s unique Learning Methodology and is perhaps the best blend of activities to learn on your own, Learn by engaging with experts and Peers, learning by Doing and Continuously Develop and Build your capabilities. Let’s describe the methodology and its components:

Learn: Students Learn from IMT CDL’s vast and continuously enhanced repository of Self Learning Courseware. The Self Learning is both as per a prescribed time lines and anytime access to learning resources. Each Courseware meets the following Criteria:

  • Self-Explanatory: Learner should understand content with No External Support.
  • Self-Contained: Learner may not need any additional Material
  • Self-Directed & Motivating: Guided Learning with hints, suggestions at each stage of learning.
  • Engage with Experts: This provides an opportunity to connect with IMT CDL’s illustrious faculty members to further build on your understanding and clarify all doubts to gain confidence.
  • Apply: Students are provided ample opportunity to apply their knowledge in simulated real life scenarios. This is achieved by Guided Demonstrations, Mentored Discussions and Applied Case Studies during Expert Connect session. Additionally IMT CDL’s Action Assessments which constitute of smartly designed assignments and projects that hone your abilities to put knowledge into action.
  • Develop: Learning should be a continuous spiral going upwards. New Concepts and topics learnt today should build on the knowledge gained earlier. IMT programs follow this approach beautifully as students’ progress from one topic to the other and one subject to the next. Many learning activities in the program compel learners to draw from earlier learnt topics and synthesize them to develop new and greater understanding of business situations.

Admission Details

Eligibility Criteria

For admission to this PCPFM program, the applicant must :

A: Students in the final semester of PGDM/ PGDM-Executive/ PGCM at IMT CDL
B: Alumni of IMT CDL
C: PGDM/ MBA from any other Institute
D: Any Graduate and above from any other Institute

Fee concession shall be given to serving/retired Defense Personnel (Army, Air Force and Navy personnel only) for PGDM and PGCM programs only.

Fee concession shall be given to WAR widows for PGDM and PGCM programs.

Fee concession shall be given to Handicapped candidates for PGDM and PGCM programs only.

Fee concession shall be given to SC & ST candidates for PGDM and PGCM programs only.

Application Process

The application process consists of three simple steps. An offer of admission will be made to the selected candidates and accepted by the candidates through the payment of the admission fee.

Submit Application

Submit your basic details to initiate Application Process.

Application Review

Our Academic Experts will assist you through the Appilication Process.

Admission Rollout

Begin your journey to earn an industry ready PCPFM.

Admission Fee & Financing

The admission fee for this PCPFM program is ₹ 27,500 (All inclusive).

Payment through Demand Draft

Payments are accepted through Demand Draft, in favour of IMT CDL, payable at Delhi. 

Online Payment

Students can deposit all types of fees through online mode also.



Total Program Fees

₹ 27,500

At the time of Admission

₹ 27,500

97760 18000

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